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Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Web Design

Webdesign DallasIf your web site contains outdated info, old pictures, what value is your business gaining from it?

You understand the importance of having a quality website, particularly in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex.  

A professional website can be a boon to business but to get a great site and keep it great, requires a healthy budget.

However, most businesses don't have an unlimited budget and need dollars to go as far as possible.  This is why you need an affordable web designer. 



We design affordable, professional business websites which allow businesses in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding Metroplex to make the most of the latest Internet technologies. Our websites are filled with modern graphics, rich multimedia, YouTube videos, audio, picture galleries, RSS feeds, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Meta tags, keywords and more. Our websites look great under the hood in the code and we take great pride in designing beautiful websites that are pleasing to the eye.

We achieve great website design results the old fashioned way. We work hard and pay attention to details. We won't take shortcuts or use "black hat"  techniques. Many of those techniques work briefly, but often will get your website blacklisted by Google, Yahoo, BING, MSN and other search major engines, which will forever negatively affect your website's success.

If you're just starting we can help you choose a domain name, find an affordable hosting company, setup Google Advertising, setup Google Places optimization, social networking integration, professional photography, professional video production, customer review solutions, and more.

At The MetroTech Network, we've been in business since 2003 and performed web design in Dallas, Texas since day one; and just like you, we run a business and understand the need to keep costs down while gaining the most value for web design dollars, to achieve the best results possible.   

The biggest mistake most businesses make when designing a website is cutting corners by going cheap. Most business owners understand something free or cheap is priced that way for a reason, yet still believe a great website should be purchased as cheaply as possible.

Remember, most of your customers will only know about your business through your website. Do you want that impression to be sloppy or amateurish? Of course not. You want your website to be the best reflection of your business & that's where we excel.  Contact us today to start your website project.