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How Visitors Find Your Site

  • websiteoptionsDirect Traffic - A visitor types URL into a browser’s address field.
  • Referral Traffic - A visitor clicked a link (directory, social media, sig) which linked to the website.
  • Search Traffic - A visitor typed keywords into a Search Engine Google/BING/Yahoo & hit Search.
  • Campaign Traffic - Visitor clicked on Internet ad.

Direct Traffic

  • Customer recommendations
  • Business cards
  • Print Ads (door hangers, newspaper, Yellow Pages)
  • Intelligent Broadcast Emails (hit thousands of business owners in hundreds of categories all over DFW + Chambers of Commerce)

Referral Traffic

  • Facebook (can’t oversell!)
  • Linked-In (great for B2B)
  • Google+ (fastest growing social media site)
  • YouTube (biggest search engine in the world!)
  • Twitter (good for B2B)
  • Directory Listings (BBB, Angie’s List, Google Places, Manta, other business directories)

Search Traffic

  • Google controls 85% of all search traffic. How it sees your site is the key to success.
  • Google protects it’s algorithm like Coke protects it’s recipe, but we know many ingredients:
  1. Domain age (how old is your site)
  2. Fresh content (articles w/ keywords 300-600 words)
  3. Links to your site (who your friends are)
  4. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & especially Google+ links are the highest value.

Campaign Traffic

  • Ads run on Google, LinkedIn, YouTube,
  • Keyword bidding system.  Highest bidder wins.
  • Advantage - Puts you at the top of Google, immediately! Only pay if your ad is clicked.  Cheapest way to get new customers!
  • Disadvantage – Expensive.  Lots of competition!
  • Note - Can be effective & less expensive using a niche of lower competition keywords, phrases & locations, etc.

Our Traffic Strategy

Direct Traffic
Targeted Intelligent Emails - we take your existing database of contacts & show you contacts you never knew you had & show you how to grow it into a thriving referral database.
Listings in Internet Business Directories

Referral Traffic
Weekly Social Media Postings (Program – “All fun+1” 1=1 article – see below)

Search Traffic
Daily Linking Campaign (Google looks at your internet friends/links. More quality links = more value.)  
Update website w/ monthly or bimonthly pro articles (Google loves fresh content). Submit article(s) to Social Channels, email & website.

Campaign Traffic
Adwords campaign based on your keywords - Immediate traffic!

PRO SEO Costs*

 ItemFrequencyCost Comment
Targeted Emails Monthly TBD Program being updated...
1 Pro Article Monthly $80 Used to distribute to emails, Social Media & Website
YouTube Vid Monthly $160 Google Loves Video! Will effectively double your SEO value.
Social Media postings Weekly   $120 Fun + 1 Program, gets attention & business!
Linking Campaign Daily  $199 Gets internet friends fast

 *We can use your list or provide our own for an additional charge. 



The PRO SEO Starter Bundle

  • Normally $649 for all of the above. 
  • Intro Rate for 3 months - $489 (save $160/month).
  • 1 monthly hour of website maintenance included.


PRO SEO Additional Options

Additional Article Update Monthly $80 Google loves frequent updates & an additional article is a great choice.
LinkedIn or
Google Adwords
Monthly $420 Gets traffic immediately.  Good for first 3 months then wean off as other avenues increase traffic.
Ad creation & management.  Monthly reports provided.
Facebook Campaign
(new item!)
Monthly $300 Targets Facebook groups based on keywords.  We create ad designed for those groups. 
Can be very effective & cheaper than Google. $300/month.
Additional YouTube
Monthly $160 Google loves videos.  Videos can double your exposure because they can be hosted on YouTube,
all other social media channels & your website.  We can produce quick content videos inexpensively -
$160 each.
Niche Research N/A $799 Will will analyze your competitors & find niches which can result in increased business if exploited
Data Mining N/A Service available
by request.
Need Data?  We have one of the world's best programmers
who's great at getting you info you need. 
*Program is being updated - please contact us for the latest prices & services.


  • Each month is paid in advance. 
  • Credit Card number for monthly billing required.
  • 30 days advance notice for cancellation.
  • Pay as you go.  No Contract.   If you’re happy, we’re happy.
  • Monthly report will be emailed.
  • Best results are seen in 3-6 months. 



  • You will not only get traffic, you will get customers.
  • We will tweak offerings to suit your business.  If Google changes, we’ll change.
  • We’ll provide monthly reports on all we’re accomplishing.
  • We will monitor your traffic & responses to ensure our work is paying off.
  • After 3 months if you’re not happy, we will extend our intro rate another 3 months.

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