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Using Twitter for Business in Dallas

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Social Media

If you're not using Social Media, particularly Twitter to brand & grow your business, then you're losing money.  Of course the economy is tough.  Advertising is expensive. And let's face it, getting & keeping customers is hard enough but now you've got to keep up with Twitter?  Not to mention Linked-In, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest & more?!! 

Use Twitter to Build Your Brand & Business

And even those who have a Twitter account, have incomplete, out of date information that's not going to attract new business.  

  • Have you setup your business profile on Twitter?
  • Have you added web-links & a description of your services?  
  • Are you following leaders in your business field?
  • Are leaders in your industry following you?
  • Have you offered your Twitter followers a discount for retweeting you? 

Did you know Twitter allows you to advertise, using specific keywords, cities, age groups, business interests & more?  This means you can specifically target an ad to decision makers & keep your advertising costs down. 

The MetroTech Network can take the headache of Twitter & Social Media & make it work for you.  It's our specialty.  We won't tell you you'll be rich overnight,  but we will tell you your business will grow & your customers will appreciate having an easy way to refer you, tweet you, link to you, follow you & like you, which WILL be great for you & your business over the long term.

Yes the economy is tough, but there are affordable options if you're willing to try something different.  

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Data Mining

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Internet Services

Got Data?  Data mining is the process of analyzing data from unique perspectives and summarizing it into useful information and facts - facts that can be utilized to boost revenue, cuts costs, etc.

testimonialsiconTechnically, data mining is the course of action of obtaining correlations or patterns among dozens of fields in substantial relational databases. Although data mining is really a somewhat new term, the technology is not.

Organizations have applied potent computer systems to sift through volumes of supermarket scanner information and analyze industry research reports for many years.

Language Translation Services

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Internet Services

testimonialsiconReady to go world-wide?  If so, your site must be multi-lingual.  Many websites use Google or other automated translation services to translate their website.  Of course, in the real world, literal translations are awkward at best and there's a good chance your customers are noticing.  That's why you need a professional translation service. 

We hire people who actually speak the language you want to translate in to rewrite your website in a manner that will put your business ahead of all the automated translated pages. 

Contact us today for more info.

Software Design

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Internet Services


We are a "new" software company. 

You could say we are the new kid on the block, but that would not quite be accurate.  It’s not that were new at software design.  Actually we have been at this a long time; in fact we've been doing software and application design since the 1990s.  However most of our work has been what you would call “white label”. 

White label software design is where another company hires you to design applications or software for them but put a virtual white label on it, allowing them to assign their brand to the software.  This has been a very beneficial relationship but legally prevents us from revealing most of our projects or our customer list.

However, we are ready to move into the public square.  

Since we are a new software company from a public perspective, we are looking to build our client portfolio and companies like yours can benefit from our aggressive client acquisition strategy.

  • We will design, improve, fix, support and enhance any software using any technology that you need to be successful.
  • If you have an existing app, we'll fix it and improve it.  
  • If you have an idea for a new app, we'll help you build it and even provide you the tools you need to make it a successful project.  

dallas programmers


This goes far beyond mobile apps, websites and databases. 

We’re looking for visionaries, big dreamers, entrepreneurs; men and women who dream big who and want to go big.  Not just for profit but to benefit our communities as well.

When I say go big, think about Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, EBay, Amazon, You Tube and more.  Other companies that may not immediately come to mind are making great money, finding niches that haven't been exploited or developing a brand that becomes a verb, like Monster,, Apollo Education and more.  

Think About Your Favorite Apps

The apps you use on your phone every day like Word with Friends, 2nd Vote, Endomondo or MyFitnessPal.  These apps have enhanced your life and some it seems you can’t live without.  Many of them are quick to develop yet they are often fun and convenient. It’s these types of apps that we want to help you develop.

Business Networks

What about databases like the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, Craigslist and small business networks?  Many of these networks charge for advertising and membership.  Isn't it time your turned your business network into an online profit machine?