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Why Cheap Websites Are Too Expensive

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Web Design

A cheap website is easy to spot even to a casual users and consciously or unconsciously reveals a lot about your business. 

"If you just need to get something out there it would be better to have a one page professional looking website, than a below average site." - Shawn Armstrong

free websites are too expensiveA professional website, with correct spelling and grammar, professional pics and logo will gain you higher paying customers since they can tell you pay attention to details.  A cheap website will tell your customers you are just starting out & may not be a professional company.  Look at this way, would you take financial advice from someone who's bankrupt & still living at home with their parents?  

The answer is obvious, yet many can't resist the trap to try a 1&1 website, GoDaddy's website tonight & Google's free website options.  If you're budget minded, call us today & we'll find a way to get you a professional website for an affordable price.


Dallas SEO Services

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in SEO

We used to be a web design company that did SEO on the side.  But we discovered, once a website is complete & the phone doesn't ring, then what?  That's where SEO comes in.  That's why we are now an SEO company that does web design.  And we're helping businesses all over Dallas, Plano, DFW & the surrounding Metroplex get noticed on the internet.  Isn't it your turn?

Boost Your Success Today With E-Mail Marketing

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Email Marketing

Any company that wants to succeed online should develop good relationships with its customers. Using emails is a fantastic way to accomplish this task. This article is filled with helpful tips about sending out good emails.

effective emailsSending out emails is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers. Keep your emails short to ensure you hang on to your reader's attention. Nobody really wants to view an extremely long wordy message about something that is not interesting. Link to your website in your email communications. This will allow them to quickly obtain further information on your site.

Do not ever send unsolicited emails to unsuspecting customers. Sending an unsolicited email is a mistake; people might start marking them as spam. This will convey a bad image for your business and your IP address will be blocked if a lot of people complain about your emails, which means no one will receive your emails.

Email Marketing: How To Market Effectively Without Becoming SPAM

Written by Shawn Armstrong. Posted in Email Marketing

This article can help you if you aren't sure how to get more clients in your network. Many business owners are in the dark on how to attract subscribers to their email lists, and this article can help you figure out a strategy that works.

email marketingYour email's subject line should jump out at the reader and make them want to know more. The subject line is the first interaction you have with a customer for each mailing, and so it needs to get their attention enough to open the email. If you email appears dull or has a subject line that is suspect, it is likely to get deleted without ever being read.

If you choose to use an opt-out link within your emails, it is important to fulfill the wishes of those who wish to do so. By not taking immediate action, your subscribers may get more emails and feel like you are not honoring your offer.

Only send emails to those who have given their consent. Sending out messages to those who are not interested will make them block you. You could be accused of policy violations if people complain to your email provider about spam.