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political websitesNeed a great website for your group or campaign?

Your campaign website will likely be the last image the public will see before they cast their vote.

Many voters will review your website to learn more about you and the issues you stand for. If you use an inexperienced web designer to design your website, chances are high that voters will notice.

Outdated information, improper layout and unintuitive design on your website will reflect negatively on your campaign and your campaign website will likely be the last image the public will see before they cast their vote.
9 questions about your website……

  1. Does your website have an introductory video? Studies show most visitors view a website for one minute before leaving. Video is the most effective means to present your message quickly.
  2. Is your website setup for Social Media? Have a custom Facebook page? Facebook integrated with your website? Is Twitter? YouTube? Can your supporters easily find each other online? If your answer is ‘not exactly’ then you’re not using valuable tools which will expand your campaign.
  3. Can voters easily find your website? Only if your site is using the best Search Engine Optimization practices.
  4. Can voters easily find and download your speaking schedule? Get crowds when you speak!
  5. Can you easily contact and inspire volunteers? Volunteers are the lifeblood of a campaign. We’ll show you how to keep them informed and motivated.
  6. campaign websitesCan you quickly update your website and respond to the latest news or are you forced to wait for a web designer? We design websites that you can update anytime from anywhere, using a web browser and we’ll show you how easy it is!
  7. Is your website secure and backed up nightly? All websites need strong security and daily backups.
  8. Is your website professional in appearance and easy to navigate? A smart, professional looking website will impress voters and volunteers.
  9. Is your website making money? Are you accepting donations online? Some would never go to a political rally but will donate online. If you’re not accepting donations on your website, your campaign is losing funding.

If you need help with your website, Social Media or Search Engine Optimization, contact us today.  
Prices are affordable and we can start immediately.

*Want to see what Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Romney, Palin & Biden's first political websites looked like?  Go here.  Don't worry, the site we design for you will be MUCH better!

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