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The single, most important step to getting the most out of Google & grow your business.


We host numerous websites & get SPAM emails all the time from SEO companies promising to get our website to the 1st page on Google.  Some even promise to get us to #1 on Google. 

However, have you noticed that when you search for something on Google, the first thing you see is not what we call an organic listing but the first 3 listings are actually ads?  Those listings are Google AdWords ads & those ads get 90% of the clicks from those searches.  The remaining listings on the page get a declining share of the 10%.  

So why pay an SEO company to get you on the first page when you’re going to miss out on 90% of the traffic no matter what you do?  Why not use that budget on Google Adwords instead where you can track your success to every ad?  

Google Adwords is relatively easy to setup but if you set it up using the defaults you will lose most of your ad budget for irrelevant (non-buying) traffic.  It also requires a lot of review & tweaking to get the most of your ad budget.  Since we’re Adwords experts we can help your business make the most of that budget & our rates are lower than our competitors, as low as 189/mo.  No contract required.  We work month to month & prove we'll make a difference or you can cancel at any time.

Contact us for the details.  If you simply want a review your website & current ad strategy we'll help you for no charge & if it makes business sense, we’ll take over for you & prove what we can do to improve your business!


WARNING - Google doesn't care how compelling your site is but you do because it's what drives your potential customers to contact you for more information.  If a potential customer calls you, you're likely to convert that call into a new customer.  This is why you need a compelling 'landing page'.  It can be the home page or another page with a contact form, specials or sale information, newsletter sign up, etc.


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